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GoActuary – Resources and Actuarial Discussion Forum

Looking for a busy actuarial discussion forum? Created by the original founders of the old Actuarial Outpost, GoActuary is home to the busiest actuarial discussion forum. Join us to discuss exams, ask work-related questions, or kick back in the lounge. Check out or Actuarial Discussion Forum.

If you’re on mobile, we have an app for the discussion forum(see download links on the right)

Do you want to create an actuarial exam study group? Our forum can help. Your own group threads, plus access to other experienced members of the community for help. Steps to get your own study group:

  • Have each member create an account on the forum.
  • Send an email to with the userids of each member of your group, and a request to create a study group.
  • We’ll pin a thread to the top of the appropriate exam category that only your group may post to.
  • Members (depending on their settings) will get an email notification each time anyone in your group posts in the group thread.
  • At the end of the exam sitting, we’ll unpin the thread from the top of the exam category.

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